• PersonalNeed something turned around on weekends or in a time zone across the world? Our services are available twenty-four hours a day.
  • InternationalProfessional China negotiations with someone who speaks the language? No problem.
  • CompetitiveLarge firm experience at small firm rates. And unlike the big firms, we are happy to provide fixed estimates for our work.
  • Seasoned ProsTwenty years of successfully handling transactions with high-profile U.S. and international companies.

JurisN is a solo law firm servicing U.S. and international businesses of all types

JurisN is not like the large law firms.
JurisN provides superior service at much lower costs. However, it offers far more than personalized expertise and service with friendly rates.

JurisN is a technology authority.
Its clients span the range of industries – electronics, communications, music, textile, software, pharmaceutical, medical device, manufacturing, renewable energy, even aerospace.

JurisN is seasoned and experienced.
The firm's principal and solo attorney is Kim Newby. Her business experience is real, extensive, visionary, and global. She has represented the entire range of business entities, from startups to Fortune 100 corporations to governments themselves.

JurisN handles a wide range of legal business transactions.
JurisN is particularly well known for its work in licensing and negotiating agreements for international technology ventures. This specific know-how is the result of thousands of hours of first-hand experience performing the range of legal business transactions.

JurisN has a diverse and international clientele.
Among others, it has provided legal services to art collectors, musicians, space agencies, software companies, food conglomerates, and textile manufacturers. As a boutique firm, grounded in years of experience, JurisN can assist virtually any business – domestic or international.

Estimates gladly provided for focused services.
The model at most large firms is to bill by the hour – in six-minute increments. No exceptions. Instead of providing incentive to complete a project, such open-ended billing conflicts with a firm's duty to put a client's interests before its own.

In contrast, JurisN is happy to provide per job lump-sum estimates when practicable. And, when the type of legal work requires hourly fees, its hourly rates are typically at least 30 percent less than those of the large firms.

Initial consultations are free of charge.
The bottom line is this. Regardless of whether you are an individual, a business start-up, or an established multinational corporation, JurisN is well worth your call.

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